Unity Update | NERVA 3-11-18

NERVA I March 11th Location & Start Time Info

Please double check with your coach for location and arrival times.

Celtics 18A 8:30 am – Normandin Middle School, New Bedford MA

Banshees 18B 8:30 am – Tygnsboro Sports Center, 500 Potash Hill Rd, Tyngsboro, MA

Kilkennys 18B 8:30 am – Tygnsboro Sports Center, 500 Potash Hill Rd, Tyngsboro, MA

Morrigans 18C 8:30 am – Lowell Catholic High School, Lowell, MA

Krakens 17A 8:30 am – URI, Kingston, RI

Emeralds (set up) & Calins (clean up) 17B – Home site Silver Lake High School

Valkyries & Dubliners 17C – Worcester State, Worcester, MA

Leviathans 16B 8:20 am – Cambridge Rindge and Latin, Cambridge, MA

Shamrocks 16C 8:30 am – Norfolk County Agricultural HS, Walpole, MA

Blarneys 15C 8:00 am – ForeKicks, Taunton, MA

Clovers & McNuggets 8:30 am – Elm Street School, 415 Elm Street, Walpole, MA

**FYI…Unlike the big tournaments, NERVA tournaments happen on Sundays at local gyms around the area.  They typically do not have seating or food available – although sometimes they do.  It is recommended that you bring a small folding chair and snacks just in case either are not available at your particular site.


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  2. March 25th
  3. April 8th
  4. April 22nd
  5. May 6th

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